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At Jeremy Trapp, Attorney at Law, we are a nimble, experienced Tennessee general practice firm that takes on a variety of cases, including those involving family law, criminal law, elder law and personal injury.

Our attorney, Jeremy Trapp, earned his law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Lansing, Michigan) in 2003 and was admitted to the State Bar of Tennessee in 2004. He was born and raised in Smithville and graduated from DeKalb County High School. He played baseball for DeKalb County High and for his alma mater, Cumberland University (2000).

Mr. Trapp is a problem solver who stands up for the rights of people in difficult situations. Our efficient and personable office staff works collaboratively to shepherd clients through the legal process, resolving each case with care and diligence. We don’t believe that our clients should be bullied by the greater financial power of an adversary. Therefore, we offer flexible payment plans where needed, tailoring any plan to the specific circumstance of the client. We also work on contingency for personal injury cases, meaning we don’t collect fees until we recover compensation for you.

Our team at Jeremy Trapp, Attorney at Law, recognizes that lawyers sometimes get a bad rap. But we do the job we do because people sometimes take advantage of one another in ways that can be stopped only by a lawyer. We get satisfaction from helping people stand up for their rights and reclaim their power. If you have a legal issue in Smithville or the surrounding area, call us to see how we can help you, too. We offer Spanish speaking services as well. To learn more about Jeremy Trapp, please visit the link below.

Protect Your Future With The Right Lawyer

People often hesitate to hire a lawyer because they want to wait and see what the future will bring. Too often, the future brings an escalation of the situation that they could have prevented had they enlisted an attorney early on. Come in for your free initial consultation and find out what we can do now to prevent further damage. Call us at 615-988-4035 or use the contact form. Se habla español.

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