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I am the dedicated attorney at Jeremy D. Trapp, Attorney at Law, a nimble and established Tennessee general practice firm. I take on a variety of cases, including those involving family law, criminal law, elder law and personal injury. 

My name is Jeremy Trapp. I earned my law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, in 2003 and was admitted to the Tennessee Bar Association in 2004. Having grown up in Smithville and having graduated from DeKalb County High School, I understand the community and its needs. As a former baseball player for DeKalb County High and Cumberland University (2000), I am accustomed to facing challenges head-on.

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Experienced Representation

I am a problem-solver who fiercely advocates for the rights of individuals facing difficult situations. My efficient and personable office staff and I work collaboratively to guide clients through the legal process, resolving each case with care and diligence. Financial power shouldn’t determine legal representation. Therefore, I offer flexible payment plans and work on contingency for personal injury cases, meaning that I will collect fees only if I win your case.

Many lawyers have a negative reputation, but I strive to change that perception. I am passionate about helping people stand up for their rights and reclaim their power. If you have a legal issue in Smithville or the surrounding area, reach out to me. I offer Spanish-speaking services as well.

Areas Of Practice

I handle a variety of legal matters to cater to the diverse needs of my clients. Whether you’re facing a personal challenge or require guidance through a complex legal situation, I’m committed to providing you with the experience and support you deserve. Here are some of the key areas where I can assist you:

  • Family law: I understand that family matters are often emotionally charged. I strive to provide compassionate and effective representation in cases involving divorce, child custody, child support and other family law concerns.
  • Criminal law: If you are facing criminal charges, I can defend your rights aggressively and advise you on your legal options throughout the entire process. I have experience handling a wide range of criminal offenses.
  • Elder law: As individuals age, their legal needs can become more complex. I can help senior citizens and their families navigate issues such as estate planning, asset protection and elder abuse cases.
  • Personal injury law: If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, I can help you seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

I am dedicated to understanding your unique situation and developing a personalized legal strategy that achieves your desired outcomes. Contact me today to discuss your specific legal needs.

Protect Your Future With The Right Lawyer

People often hesitate to seek legal help, hoping the situation will resolve itself. However, this often leads to a worsening situation that could have been prevented with early intervention. Schedule a free initial consultation in Putnam County to discover how I can help prevent further damage. Call me at 615-988-4035 or use the online contact form. Se habla español.