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Most people have a hard time thinking about their own death, never mind taking active steps to plan for what will happen after they are gone. But having an estate plan can be a positive experience that gives you peace of mind. When you know that your money, property and wishes regarding end-of-life medical care have all been legally accounted for, then you are free to live your life knowing that your loved ones and legacy will be taken care of in a way of your choosing. Smithville estate planning attorney Jeremy Trapp can lead you through the legal process of creating a durable plan for your estate or that of a loved one in Tennessee.

What Does An Estate Plan Do?

By making an estate plan, you are taking an active role in the dispensation of your property, money and legacy after you are gone. When you create a plan comprising a combination of wills and trusts, living wills or “payable upon death” bank accounts, you can eliminate a lot of potential confusion and conflict among family members over what your wishes would have been. Additionally, having an estate plan can save a lot of time and money that might otherwise be lost in probate. By creating a legally sound will and setting up certain financial tools, you are helping your family by:

  • Accounting for all elements of your estate
  • Clarifying who is to receive what portion of your estate
  • Making your wishes known regarding end-of-life medical care
  • Minimizing fees and other obligations
  • Setting up systems to transfer assets with minimal legal hassle

It can be difficult to think about these issues. Often, people would rather do anything but. But the rewards of having a solid plan in place are well worth the effort, both to you and your family. When you are ready to start planning for the future of your estate, Jeremy Trapp is a lawyer you can trust.

Extend Your Legacy Responsibly

The sooner you start planning for your estate, the sooner you can enjoy peace of mind in the rest of your life. Call today for your free initial consultation at 615-988-4035, or email us using the contact form.

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