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Probate is the process of distributing the elements of an estate after the death of the estate’s owner. Often when people think about probate, they are thinking about how they can avoid it. That’s because probate involves fees and, depending on the size of the estate, a good amount of time to complete. While there are ways that probate can be avoided, in many cases probate is necessary for:

  • Establishing the validity of a will
  • Identifying heirs and other beneficiaries to an estate
  • Creating an inventory of the estate
  • Distributing assets
  • Paying debts and creditors

If you are concerned about how probate will proceed for your estate or that of a loved one, it helps to speak with a lawyer who is well-versed in Tennessee probate law. At Jeremy Trapp, Attorney at Law, we offer free initial consultations so you can get the facts about probate with no obligation to you. Make your appointment by calling 615-988-4035 or by using the email form.

When A Will Is Contested

A contested will is the stuff of daytime dramas, and yet occasionally it happens in real life. While estate administration goes smoothly most of the time, sometimes people take issue with a will because they believe:

  • The deceased had been manipulated into writing the will a certain way.
  • The deceased had not been mentally able to craft a will.
  • The deceased had not properly executed the will.

If you are involved in a probate proceeding where you or someone else has contested a will, you need a lawyer who can provide perspective and focus on the facts. Smithville probate law lawyer Jeremy Trapp can effectively analyze your probate dispute and help negotiate a fair distribution of assets.

Your Last Chance At Fairness

Once an estate is divided and distributed, normally there is no going back. That’s why it’s essential that you engage the right lawyer as soon as possible to represent your concerns in your probate proceeding. We offer free initial consultations. To make your appointment, call 615-988-4035 or contact us via email.

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